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Qlik Sense Licelinsing : HELP

Hi guys

Is there someone able to help me to understand Qlik Sense licensing?

I have 300 clients to drive to the access point

I understood I could buy 300 tokens (1225€ each) and Qlik Sense server is automatically delivered with it.

And I understood I could get 1 token to perform the development and design of my application

So my understanding is : 300 tokens are enough to develop and deploy a Qlik Sense application.

Can you confirm these points ?

If I want to push a Qlik Sense application embedded on my website, shall I use Qlik Analytics Platform External Edition?  Is it the same as the QlikView Information Access Server ? or QlikView Extranet Server ?

I am not sure to understand which licence I need to provide an application open to the world

I don’t understand either the goal of this one : Qlik Sense Enterprise Core based Site

Can you explain please ?

About Nprinting, I understood the Nprinting licence server delivers up to 250 recipients.

I guess I have to buy an additional licence if I want to deliver to 300 recipients.

Can you confirm ?

Do you have any idea of the time needed to create a 80 page report and deliver it to 300 recipients ?

Thank you for your help

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Re: Qlik Sense Licelinsing : HELP

These are questions you should be directing to your Qlik sales rep.

There are a number of ways of licensing and deploying Qlik in your organization.

I would start by understanding your clients needs.   i.e their visibility and interaction requirements.   do they all need the same? Are they analysts or consumers of information?

Do they need to access just one app or multiple?

How do you expect your environment to grow?

NPrinting for example you are looking at small business edition 250 whereas for your needs you are already looking at enterprise if all 300 need to receive reports.

Hope this helps.


Re: Qlik Sense Licelinsing : HELP

You should contact the local or reginal Qlik office to get correct licensing information. They will happily answer your questions regarding licensing.


Re: Qlik Sense Licelinsing : HELP

Thank you Petter

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Re: Qlik Sense Licelinsing : HELP

Hello Christian,

the QAP and the Qlik Sense Enterprise Core based license are the same:

one Qlik Sense Server, unlimitted users. But there is no hub where you can view your apps and your Charts. You have to embed them into your Websites.

With QAP you can view to your datas from the Internet, with Enterprise inside your LAN.

You have annonymus Access, so it is not possible to restrict datas to the user account.

Both licenses are at the beginning with 4 CPU Limit, more cores need addintional licenses.

With a server and a token (or 300) you can do everything. Analyse your datas, load datas, create charts and objects and so on.

You can use a token:

One user dedicated or 10 sessions are up to one hour each month. So people who look to their results rarely can share a token.

Because there is no extra server license needed you can setup an envoriment of many servers (one root, many rims) to share server calculation.

With Nprinting you can deliver your  datas to as many users you want to (the big license) or up to 250 adresses created by 2 developers with the SMB license.

To view the result of an Nprinting report, there is no license needed. The user will get a eMail with an Excel/Word/Powerpoint file, a pdf, or a html-file. Also he can view the results on the newsstand page. There are all results stored you want (e.g. the last 30 results or für one week).

So if you create a thml-file you can give many users Access to your datas. But in these html-files it is not possible to select datas or create a new chart.


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