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Qlik Sense Limitations

Hi Experts,

I'm using a stacked bar chart with 1 dimension and 2 measure. Year Dimension , Missed time and Non Missed time Measures where  the 2 measures has filter to show only for 2017 data but the dimension values for year has 2015,2016,2017

In dimension to exclude the values for 2015,2016 I'm using limitation Fixed value(TOP 1) so that the data will be shown only for 2017.

If there is data in Missed time measure then it's showing the data for Non missed time  also in the graph which is common. but if there is no data in Missed time i.e say it has 0 the second measure i.e Non missed time is not showing up in the graph regardless of having the values for it.

When i apply limitation i see that it displays a message showing that it is applied only for Missed Time Measure which is the first measure in the graph and that is the reason the Non missed time datas are not shown when the Missed time measure does not have data since it is taking top 1.

When i convert this to Pivot table i dont see any such Issue. Can any one let me know why this is happening?



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Re: Qlik Sense Limitations


would you be able to attach some screen shots or a sample app (qvf) to explain the issue and show the expected output ?

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Re: Qlik Sense Limitations

Generally,, when I have a complex question, I try to show the problem using a small set of demo data i.e LOAD * Inline [... and then sometimes I will show the formula or set analysis that I am wrestling with.  It helps readers orient themselves while trying to solve your problem.

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