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Qlik Sense Line Chart requirement.

Hi ,

I all I am pretty new to the Qlik Sense! Need your help!

I have a line Chart with Quarter on the X-Axis and around 10 Metrics . Now among these 10 metrics 5 show dollar value and 5 show percent. The requirement is to allow user see Percent Metrics at one time and the Dollar metrics at the other time based on filter. The filter will be having two values Precent and Dollar. 

I have inserted the photos for your reference:


Thanks in Advance!Image 1.PNG

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modify your expression. add below condition
for Doller measure
Sum({<filter={"Doller"}>} Sales)

for Percentage measure
Sum({<filter={"Percent"}>} Sales)

Prashant Sangle
Great dreamer's dreams never fulfilled, they are always transcended.
Specialist III
Specialist III

try to create variable

if(variable=1,Sum({<filter={"Percent"}>} Sales),Sum({<filter={"Number"}>} Sales))


it should be ur measure 

in variable u pass 1 


Thank You! But since I am very new to qlik would you please explain it with my attached use case !

Specialist III
Specialist III

step 1 LOAD * INLINE [




step 2

createvariable vFilter =Filter

step 3 ur expression

=if(vfilter='Percentage',Sum({<DBCOLUMN={"Percent"}>} Sales),Sum({<DBCOLUMN={"Doller"}>} Sales))