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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense Map Issue

Hi ,

can someone assist me with the below please?

I am using the point layer map in qliksense but i am getting wrong data shown on my maps.

So the purpose of this map is to show where in the country the most Planned volume is - The Dimension i am using is Delivery Location and the size & Shape is by Sum of Planned Volumes same with the Colours -

The strange thing is some of the bigger planned areas is showing correct data but others are showing incorrect data all together - i have compared the data with the source and for some reason my maps is showing incorrect but my other graphs and KPI's is correct.

The only thing i can think of is i'm missing the trick with the Map charts in Qlik Sense. The below screenshot shows there are 11 Planned Qty when I hover over the bubble but when I add labels it says 1? I've added a text box with the calculation at the bottom showing there are actually 0 planned.


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Master II
Master II

Check Color by Dimension or Measure option...

Maybe that should work...

Pick Color by Dimension same as your existing dimension 'Delivery Location'