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Qlik Sense - Map

Hi ,

I have used point map using Latitude and Longitude to display Turnover by Region. However, each time i go on the map I have to zoom to show regions.  Is there a way to limit the map to a single country like in my case it is Mauritius

Thanking you all for a quick response on same.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Qlik Sense - Map

The map sizes to the measure, if LongLats are outside of Mauritius it will size the map to display these points. You could use Set Analysis to reduce the points to Mauritius.

For instance:  SUM({<Country='Mauritius'>} Sales)

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Re: Qlik Sense - Map

Hi Bharathi,

You can make use of the measure which Paul suggested but, you will only be able to visualize "Mauritius". Is that what you are looking for?



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Re: Qlik Sense - Map

Yes indeed i want to limit my map to a particular country and i want it on a maximized window state instead of zooming every time...

I have used measure to display my Turnover

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Re: Qlik Sense - Map

Hey Bharati,

It is better if you keep a radio box for Region and keep the default selection as 'Mauritius'.

By doing this, you will always see Mauritius in the map. But you can always have the flexibility to change the Region whenever you want.

If the user only wants to see Mauritius, even in the future, then go with what Paul suggested !!