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Qlik Sense Mobile & Clik Sense SAP Connector


I have two questions regarding to Qlik Sense. First I want to know if it is possible to get a SAP Connector for the Qlik Sense Platform? And the second is, how can I use Qlik Sense on a mobile phone or a table? Do I need to install a special app or can I consume reports via browser? And if thir are more possibitlities to usw Sense on Mobile, in which way do the most people use Qlik Sense on their mobile devices?

Thnk you...

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Re: Qlik Sense Mobile & Clik Sense SAP Connector

Hello Hans,

to connect to SAP by Qlik you have to install the QlikSAP Connector on your server. Within that, you can load datas from SAP tables by QlikView and Qlik Sense also.

To connect to the Qlik Sense server it is neccessary that your mobile device is connect to the network (by wifi, e.g.)

Then you only have to enter the hub-adress in the browser of your mobile device like on your pc (http://server/hub or https://server/hub).

The most mobile devices like iphone or android don't know an user, so you have to enter your windows credentials at the login.


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Re: Qlik Sense Mobile & Clik Sense SAP Connector

Hi Hans,

Check this out for SAP Connector for Qlik: You have all the info required here


Qlik sense is totally responsive. Like in other tools like Tableau you donot have to create an app specifically for mobile for tablet devices. So one application can be accessed accross multiple devices.



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