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Qlik Sense - QMC Admin

Hi All,

We have 5-6 people who manages QlikSense QMC. We have to restrict only some of the qmc section. So i wanted to know if we can create new admin role apart from basic 5 (Audit,Content,Deployment,Security,Root) admin. I can meet my requirement by slight workaround like modifying security rules or by using custom property mentioned at Creating Team administrators in Qlik Sense‌,

however i‌ wanted to know if there is any direct option available?


Partha K

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Honored Contributor II

Re: Qlik Sense - QMC Admin

I do not think there is any other way but creating custom property and assigning it to the user(s) who are suppose to see only few section in QMC.

Baically creating new custom admin role, which can be done.

Valued Contributor II

Re: Qlik Sense - QMC Admin

Feel free to share whatever solution you arrive at.  I absolutely DREAD going into the QMC Security portal other than giving general access to apps, streams and tokens.

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