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Qlik Sense QMC greyed out

Hi All,

I am new to Qlik Sense and wanted to share some of the errors/obstacles that I faced while Qlik Sense installation and configuration so that it may help others.

Problem:- After installed and configuring Qlik Sense, you can access QMC. But when you access QMC and you see that though you have a token/license assigned to you that you cannot make selections in QMC because it is greyed out.

Solution- The reason that the QMC is greyed out for you is that, because you are not listed as a "RootAdmin" in the QMC. You can change it  under Start>>Users>>select the user and click on Edit>>Under "Admin Roles" Add Role>> Select RootAdmin. You can see that once that is taken care of that the QMC looks fine and you can make selections.



Deepti Singh

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Re: Qlik Sense QMC greyed out

this isn't a problem

it how Qlik should work , the users that run the services will have root admin automatically

all other users you need to assign them the right

so i don't think it right to call this a problem it's a security measure that prevent from users

the ability to do things in the Qmc and harm the qlik environment

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Re: Qlik Sense QMC greyed out

Only Root Admin users access the QMC

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Re: Qlik Sense QMC greyed out

all the users can access QMC provided that users are assigned to security role. With respect to Security role you have assigned to user, QMC access gets restricted

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Re: Qlik Sense QMC greyed out

Yes you have to give them the Root Admin Role