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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Qlik Sense SaaS Automations: Task Chains

Hi Everyone!

I am investigating about task chaining in Qlik Sense SaaS, and I have some question related to the amount of executions I can do, limitations, etc


Let's say I want to reload first some apps that will generate qvds, that will be used in other apps to transform them, and at the end in a final app where I want to just load qvds and make visual representations in front end.


To reload the final app I will have to create a task chain that reloads all the previos apps first in a certain order, to generate the qvds.


In Qlik Enterprise i can use the QMC to create  a task chain. In SaaS, I notices that the task chaining process is included in automations.


Are there any limitations about the amount of apps I can reload in one automation ?


Are there any limitations related to how many times I can execute a certain task chain, a day ? a month ? Because I read that depending on the license, you can execute an automation a certain amount of times per month. How can I know that number?


Let's say I want to trigger the task chain one or two times a day, everyday. I would be allowed ? 


Thanks in advanced!

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hello Francisco,
The SaaS subscription includes 5000 automation runs/month. More must be licensed separately.
I think there is no fixed number of applications that can be linked as long as the general limits are not reached. More about this here: Qlik Application Automation limitations