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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik Sense SaaS Dimension, Variable & If-Else

Hi Experts,

I'm working on a KPI but the problem is that I wanted to be flexible that the user can click on a selection and the dimension of all the charts will be replaced by the dimensions corresponding to the user's selection.

I'm using a 'Variable Input' object to store the selection of the user into a Variable.

Then, the variable will be my condition in an if-else statement inside the Dimensions Fx.

Here's a sample of that expression:

=If(vDimensionSelection = 'Books',  BookNames,
if(vDimensionSelection = 'Cars', CarBrands,
if(vDimensionSelection = 'Fruits', FruitNames,
if(vDimensionSelection = 'Country', CountryNames))))

Thank you in advance!

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Champion III
Champion III

kindly close the thread by accepting a response as solution

Vineeth Pujari
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