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Qlik Sense Scenario


I have a scenario. There is a Qliksense app with 100 sheets. Users doesn't want to see all sheets together. The sheets needs to be grouped under subject areas(or sections). So that the user can select the sheet he wants easily (imagine looking for a specific sheet among 100 sheets).

So basically I need some method of grouping for the sheets of an app - like a folder or something. Is there any solutions/extensions or work arounds for this?

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Re: Qlik Sense Scenario

Why would you ever create one dashboard with that many sheets?  That is not really usable for end users.

You should break them up into separate apps with maybe 6-10 sheets per app.  Even that is a lot in my opinion.

If you have to do it I don't think that there is a way out of the box to group sheets into sections or folders like you want to.  The user will just see 100 thumbnails when they open the app.  You could name the ones you want together with similar names so that they make sense visually side by side. 


Re: Qlik Sense Scenario

App with 100 sheets was a business requirement. I don't know the details of the app, and not sure if it can be split. It was migrated from another BI tool to Qlik sense and I don't think the business wants any alterations to the original app.