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Qlik Sense | Scripting | Streams

Hi Guys,

I'm doing first steps in Qlik Sense Scripting and I need to implement some features related with "Dynamic Filtering Data".
Do you know if there is a way to get the Stream Name where the app is published ?

Lets say you have 2 streams: AAA and BBB and one app that is published in this 2 Streams.

It's possible to get the Stream name and them apply some logic based on stream name ?

Many thanks.

Carlos Lima

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Valued Contributor II

Re: Qlik Sense | Scripting | Streams

Hi Carlos,

Stream is a part of QMC , I don't think you can write anything on Stream in scripting engine.


Rohit kumar

Honored Contributor II

Re: Qlik Sense | Scripting | Streams

I think you should use security rules on QMC to apply some logic on streams.

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