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Qlik Sense Section Access


I'm new to Qlik Sense but have over 5 years of experience in QlikView

I find that in QlikSense the columns USERID, PASSWORD, and NTNAME are not available anymore they are all replaced by USERID which takes values DOMAIN\USERNAME

does this mean that if I'm working now on QlikSense desktop I cannot test section access?

Please advise as I want to show a demo for one of our potential clients

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Re: Qlik Sense Section Access

You are correct. Sections Access cannot use in the Desktop Version.

It is only an Server feature. So its make hard to test.

And every time you work with Desktop you have to comment the Secction Access part out.



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Re: Qlik Sense Section Access

I don't know but with out publishing the content maybe you can show them on HUB?

Create a new App there, copy the script and all the visualizations. I'm not sure but it should work. As I've not implemented SA yet on Sense.

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