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Qlik Sense Server: How to load images from a directory in the intranet into a server hosted app

Dear qlikkers,

I am quite new to Qlik and we have the following problem at my company for which we need a solution:

We have a server hosted app and within this app there should be pictures that are shown conditionally by certain filters.  This should be feasible with the media box extension (https://github.com/stefanwalther/sense-media-box)

However, the app should take the pictures from a folder in the intranet without loading them up manually into the media library, because the pictures are updated on a weekly basis. 

Is it possible to create a folder in the intranet and access the pictures by an url and if so, how can this be exactly achieved in qlik sense server ? 

Many thanks in advance, 



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I have some idea though haven't verified it yet. You can use Widget editor to embed the picture. 


Some earlier discussion can be found on https://community.qlik.com/t5/New-to-Qlik-Sense/Widget-editor-adding-images/m-p/1153763

but you may need to play around in your scenario