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Qlik Sense Server

hello people. I wish to know about QLIK SENSE how do you have a three-dimensional graph (length, width, depth)? thank you.

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Re: Qlik Sense Server

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Re: Qlik Sense Server

Please go through the online help on Qlik's website,

It has all the information,


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Re: Qlik Sense Server

Dear Aymeric,

If you are new to Qlik Sense, then I would suggest you to quickly go through videos from listed below links.

New to Qlik Sense Videos

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed

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Re: Qlik Sense Server

for 3 weeks, I'm a new to Qlik Sense (i work with SQL). If you can help me without to conduct to Help of Qlik community. I want a frank answer because i search for 2 days on the chart in depth (tridimensional chart). Also, someone know how can i download the Qlik sense server because i don't have in 'Support' the 'Downloads' tab ? Please, an expert. Cordially

Re: Qlik Sense Server

Qlik Branch is worth checking out for open source QlikSense extensions.

I don't know how much QlikSense experience you have though, but would recommend attaining proficiency with the QlikSense out of the box before embarking on extensions.

Re: Qlik Sense Server

I would certainly advise you start by keeping it simple and mastering QlikSense out of the box which does not include 3D charts.

Do you have QlikSense Licence Tokens ?  If yes then for the QlikSense Server download probably best to ask whoever you bought your Licences from.  If no then you will need to purchase some.

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Re: Qlik Sense Server

I must pay to have the Qlik Sense Licence Tokens ?

Re: Qlik Sense Server

Yes, the same as all other commercial software.

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