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Qlik Sense Simple Table Extension Help


I am using the simple table extension here: Qlik Branch on my Qlik Sense desktop(version 11.11..1).

I have loaded a table, multiple ways, into the app and used the extension but the pictures do not show up. see load script below:


Load * INLINE [


  DAD-00005,"http:\\lcovsqlk3dev\Qlik_Data\GSM\Dashboard App\2016Firefighter.PNG"

  DAD-00006,"http:\Users\jacmiller\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content\Default\Dashboard App\AdvancedEngineering.PNG"


I have two different links, both are giving me the same problem when i go to the front end, the picture just appears like this:

QlikCommunity pic.PNG

has anyone had this happen before? could someone suggest a fix?



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Re: Qlik Sense Simple Table Extension Help

Hi Jmiller,

your URLs seem strange. If you copy them and paste into your web browser, does the image show up?

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Re: Qlik Sense Simple Table Extension Help

there is a good chance they are slightly wrong, i am trying to point to pictures on my local computer.

i was trying to mimic the links provided in the extension descriptions.

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Re: Qlik Sense Simple Table Extension Help

You need to have links actually served by a http server. For testing just grab a link that works in your browser. For production you need to decide where to serve images from.

Erik Wetterberg

Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Qlik Sense Simple Table Extension Help

did you try with https ?

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