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Qlik Sense Sorting Months (string) in order

Is there a way to do a custom sort in sense?

I did not see "original load order" as one of the options to sort this, so even if I created an inline to preload these strings, I don't think sense has that capability. Does it?

I have strings 'Jan','Feb',...

My only guess is that I'll need to use my actual date field '1/1/1900' format, and extract the month names from it. What say you, community?

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Re: Qlik Sense Sorting Months (string) in order

you could create a dual and then sort by number

something like Dual(Month,num(Month))

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Re: Qlik Sense Sorting Months (string) in order

‌you could create a master calendar for your dashboard And include a Fiscal month number value in it and sort on that value by using sort by expression in your chart.  That way you can be flexible in ordering by calendar year or fiscal year.