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Qlik Sense - Using 2 variables on X Axis for Scatter Plot


I am new to Qlik Sense. I am planning to display a scatter plot that shows number of jobs/task executed and the exact time the job starts. I am currently doing it but now Im stuck. Ive tried nested if statements, bucket and changing the format for x-axis but none works well.

For y axis, i used the number of jobs/task and for x-axis, im using the time in format of hh:mm:ss. My problem is I would like the graph to display the time starts in hour format ('hh:00:00' to show intervals of hourly) and when mouse cursor over the bubble in scatter plot, it should display the exact start time of the task ('hh:mm:ss').

Is it possible to use one measurement for x-axis and another of the bubble?

Attachment provided is currently how my graph looks like with start time as the x-axis ('hh:mm:ss').attachment.PNG


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Re: Qlik Sense - Using 2 variables on X Axis for Scatter Plot

What you have tried? Can you post nested expression with us and What are you trying with that expression.

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