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Qlik Sense and QV Source

Hi. I am Testing Qlik Sense at the moment to see if it will be right for our current setup at the company.

I have a question Regarding Qlik Sense and Social media.

From what I have seen you need an API called QVSource.to be able to link to Social media.

Is it possible to create dashboards from Social media data without acquiring QV Source as well ?



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Community Manager

Re: Qlik Sense and QV Source

Hello arnouxolivier

Qlik actually acquired Industial Codebox (the company behind QVSource) earlier this year. Read more here: Qlik Strengthens Cloud-Based Offerings with Acquisition of Industrial CodeBox | Business Wire

The migration to Qlik will happen in early July at which point you will be able to subscribe to these social media connectors directly from Qlik. I dont have any details around pricing or subscription model, but I can perhaps point you in the right direction if you want.

All the best


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Re: Qlik Sense and QV Source

You could use the Qlik Rest Connector (REST Connector) it is a little harder, but possible.

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