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Qlik Sense and SAP connector


Is there any SAP connector for Qlik Sense?

If yes, Do all the connections to SAP modules require a license or there are some modules for free?

Thank you

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Re: Qlik Sense and SAP connector

Hi Nancy,

I think you can find the way how to use the standard SAP connector here

What is the data integration capability of Qlik Sense ?.

It looks like you just need to use the QlikView SAP connector

as I know there is no free modules.

You can try to connect via OLEDB/ODBC to database directly - it would be for free, but you will not be able to get everything as it is in SAP. As an example try to find BSEG table in DB..



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Re: Qlik Sense and SAP connector

There is an SAP connector (which costs) but we are using Qlik Sense *without* the SAP Connector, but to connect to SAP BW (not the underlying SAP tables).

Have a look at this recent discussion for some pointers which might be enough to get you going; SAP connector for Qliksense

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Re: Qlik Sense and SAP connector

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