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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense custom chart colors

Hello, I've just shifted from QV to QS and I can't find one simple option - how to set custom colors for each measure in my chart? I have found a way of doing this using Master Items - but is it the only way? It' doesn't feel right to add measure to Master Items in case I'm using it only once just to change the color. I know there is an option to set the color by expression, but how should I do that with calculated measure?

For example here are my measures:


sum({<[was_in_auction]-={'0'}, [p_loc_country] -= {'lt'}, [buy_sell]={'BUY'}>}([ord_quantity]*[ord_duration]))


count({<[was_in_auction]-={'0'}, [com_code_country] -= {'lt'}, [buy_sell]={'SELL'}>} [com_name])

count({<[was_in_auction]-={'0'}, [p_loc_country] -= {'lt'}, [buy_sell]={'BUY'}>} [com_name])


Hope someone could help me!

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