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Qlik Sense, custom colors by dimension

I'm loading dimension from the database, dimension is a date value. I'm using following formula to change to 'MMM-YY', also shwon in the below image. =Date(monthstart(D_CREATE_DATE), 'MMM-YY')


I'm having trouble to change the bar color for Mar-17.

I'm using color by expression and using following formula, but I'm not able to change to color to green for dimension value of 'Mar-17'

=If(Date(monthstart(D_CREATE_DATE), 'MMM-YY') = 'Mar-17', Green(), Red())

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Qlik Sense, custom colors by dimension

Try like below?

=If(FieldName = 'Mar-17', Green(), Red()) // Try this first


=If(Month(D_CREATE_DATE, 'MMM' & '-' & Year(D_CREATE_DATE,'YY')) = 'Mar-17', Green(), Red())


Re: Qlik Sense, custom colors by dimension

You will have to use an aggreation function with your date to get it to work:


If can't compare multiple dates with 'Mar-17' so you will have to pick one of them even if they are in the same month.