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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik Sense custom property on Dimension or Measure

Are there any examples out there which show how to sue custom properties in a Qlik Sense Extension for eitehr a measure or dimension.

For example I would like a toggle on each measure - On or off and then be able to read the setting for each measure.

I have been able to create the toggle in the accordion and set it, but I do not know how to read the value.

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I am not 100% sure if I get your requirements correctly - I assume that your other post (Custom property in Qlik Sense extension) is related to the same requirement, right?

So what exactly are you trying to achieve?



Creator II
Creator II

Hi Stefan

Yes it is related to my other post as well.

I have started to create an extension which is a heatmap table.(Similar to conditional formatting in Excel)

I have created an extension which applies the condition to all measures. I am trying to make this more customisable for each measure.

For example I want to be able to set each measures "Colour using Heatmap" to on or off. If On I then want to set the value of maximum.

I have added the following code :

measures : {

                                                                                uses : "measures",

                                                                                min : 0,


                                                                                items: {

                                                                                MySwitchProp: {

                                                                                                type: "boolean",

                                                                                                component: "switch",

                                                                                                label: "Colour using Heatmap",

                                                                                                ref: "MySwitchProp",

                                                                                                options: [{

                                                                                                                value: true,

                                                                                                                label: "On"



                                                                                                                value: false,

                                                                                                                label: "Off"


                                                                                                defaultValue: false


                                                                                MyNumProp: {

                                                                                                type: "number",

                                                                                                label: "Maximum",

                                                                                                ref: "myproperties.max",

                                                                                                defaultValue: "10.5",

                                                                                                show : function(data) {

                                                                                                                                return data.MySwitchProp;






Using the above I can now set the maximum for each measure through the accordion.

I am now trying to see how I capture the values.

I am trying to see the values for each measure of MySwitchProp and MyNumProp. Does this get returned to the layout object?

If so how is this done and where can I view the results?






I have found that myproperties are stored in qHyperCubDef. What is the best way to read this and get the values?


Hello Sir,

I want to add Custome coloe property to dimention.

I have written this code inside of dimention shown below:

definition : {

  type : "items",

  component : "accordion",

    items : {

         dimensions : {

                uses : "dimensions",

                min : 1,

                items: {


                                          type: "string",

                                          label: "Enter color expression",






now please tell me what should I need to write inside of function

      paint: function ($element,layout) {

                      this.backendApi.eachDataRow( function (rownum, row){

                          var dimIndex = 0; // you are putting the value in your first dimension



                              if ( !this.$scope.table ) {

                              this.$scope.table = qlik.table(this);


                           return qlik.Promise.resolve();


but Sir , this is not working for me.

please give me any solution