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Qlik Sense http access - everything become "Access denied"

Hello there!

If we check "allow http" on our server we then loose everything: http and https adresses work, but any report get "access denied".

If we uncheck it and close-open browser and clear cookies - everything is fine again.

Regards, Yury

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Re: Qlik Sense http access - everything become "Access denied"

1. how about u check "allow http" and clear cache/cookies. Close and Open Browser again?
2. after performing (1), are you able to create new report?
3. how does your access denied screen looks like? are you able to printscreen and upload here?
4. does your report have "Section Access" if yes, can provide a sample script of it?
5. after 'allow http'. able to restart the server nodes?
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Re: Qlik Sense http access - everything become "Access denied"

1. Doesn't help.

2. Yes.

3. We turned off http for now. 

4. Nope

5. Able, doesn't help.

For now we made SSL certificate and decided not to touch this checkbox anymore, but thank you for your help.


regards, Yury