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Qlik Sense license and tokens problem


We just have introduced Qlik Sense in our company, it has been installing in one of our servers and we have the first Qlik Sense app. We are starting to assign the final users that going to use the application and we have a problem: there are some of them that use to test the first app and they aren't the final. I have read in the documentation that we have to wait for 7 days, then we need to change 3 users, we have to quarantine them and we can't use them. We think that this isn't right, because we are paying for these tokens and we can't use them for a week, we are paying for anything meanwhile.

Is there any chance to delete all users and start for the beginning now, without to wait 7 days?


Marcelino Ponce.

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You can not reassign a user access pass to another user within 7 days. If there were no quarantine period then it would be possible to reassign them on the fly. The number of tokens needed would be very small and Qlik wouldn't be able to afford to sell Qlik Sense anymore or the tokens would have to become very expensive.

If you need more flexibility then turn some user tokens into login access tokens. One token can be used as one user access pass or 10 login access passes.

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Master II
Master II

Hi Marcelino,

If you uninstall the server and reinstall it you can assign the tokens from the beginning once again.

Also, you could have made user of the user access token if you want the user to always have access to the dashboard.