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Qlik Sense mashups

I have started to build some Qlik Sense mashups and have a few questions.

I have had success in creating lists, embedding objects and am now looking to refine the web pages further

1) It is possible to change the colours of the objects using normal css?

2) The number formatting on one of my charts in the mashup has lost the Qlik Sense number formatting. Is there css which I can use to set the number format?

3) Is it possible to make the objects read only in the mashup?

4) I have scatter charts and world maps in the mashup. When the user scrolls down the page this also scrolls the object.This results for example in the map disappearing as the user has effectively scrolled over the map. Has anybody incurred this problem?

5) Is there any css stylesheet which relates to Qlik Snese that I can use as part of the mashup to customize objects.

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Re: Qlik Sense mashups

Hi Alan,

  1. To some extent you can do this, though it is not supported and you will have to revalidate your css when upgrading Qlik Sense, ass css class might change
  2. Number formatting is set with properties and numbers are formatted by engine. Verify that the properties are OK in the chart. Is formatting OK for the other charts??
  3. You would have to put a transparent element on top of the chart to accomplish that. That is how it is done in the single utility
  4. No, I have not seen this before.
  5. None that I know of, though there are certainly mashups that do this.

Hope this helps


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Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Qlik Sense mashups

If you gonna turn your Qlik Sense application into a mashup with the Qlik Objects then you can by adding the following CSS code:

.qv-object {

   background-color: transparent;


Then the object will be transparent and you can give the underlaying element a background-color of your choosing.

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