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Qlik Sense not working for few clients

Hi Techies,

I have Qlik Sense Sep 2018 version which is working fine in intranet. it is also working for few clients which are outside of intranet. I am using network load balancer to control users traffic. These users are added locally on my consumer nodes. I am having multi node environment. 

Now few client are facing an error "Connection with Qlik engine failed due to unspecified reasons". 

For trouble shoot: I asked my client to switch to some personal internet which has no secuirty and it is working fine.

So my first question is, which ports need to open on client side(network and machine) and if client is not agree in opening ports or update network policy then what is the alternate option ?



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Re: Qlik Sense not working for few clients


according to documentation only 80 and 443 should be open towards client (see here). Aren't those clients on Apple devices? We had an issue where certificate was refused by Apple devices and we need to request a new certificate from an Apple whitelisted CA.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Qlik Sense not working for few clients

Thanks juraj for your input. Qlik support said we must open all the ports under proxy and engine section under the doc Ports

The error I am getting "Connection to Qlik sense engine failed due to unspecified reasons", so don't we need to open engine ports at end user network and machine ?

please tell me apart of ports what things I need to configure like IPV6 enable etc ?