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Qlik Sense - show remark on chart

Dear Community,

Is it possible to show remark on chart?

Attached qvf and excel.

for example:

when i filter

01/01/2017, location  L1,  show Public Holiday

21/01/2017, Location L1  show Raining



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Re: Qlik Sense - show remark on chart

So, when I'm selecting L1 Location then my quantity will be 0 means Only L1 bar will be there with 0 quantity and Remark will be Public holiday and Raining...Is it like that?

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Re: Qlik Sense - show remark on chart

Just color by dimension 'remark':


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Re: Qlik Sense - show remark on chart

Thanks, manage to do it

SET vCurrentDate= =Date(Max([Date]),'DD/MM/YYYY');

Quantity Expression

Sum({<[Date]={'$(vCurrentDate)'} >}Quantity)

Remark Expression

Text(only({<Date={"$(=vCurrentDate)"}>} Remark))

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