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Qlik Sense to Hive through native hive using knox file

Hello folks,

Qlik community is doing awesome job in building knowledge base and helping each other in all aspects of queries across the globe..

I am also looking for some help in connecting my qlik sense environment to hive through native apache hive connector with knox file. With all the option available i have tried my level best to make it working but i could not. I have tried in google as well but could not find any supporting document for the same..

Can someone please help me with this..

NOTE i am able to connect using hortonworks hive odbc connector but i am not sure about the speed so want to try the native Apache Hive one.. Is it like we have to use ODBC one only per below post?


One more query, how can we force QS to use tez as execution engine for all the queries (i am looking for one place configuration if there instead of setting it up with every query)..

Is there a place to do the configure LLAP as well?

Any recommendation to connect to HIVE for best performance would be hugely appreciated!!

My use case is fetch 5 million rows from a billion row table present in hive with 350 old fields.. 



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