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Qlik Sense user roles during installation


During installation of qlik sense server, the QlikLog files say that they cannot connect to the system using the connection creds we provided. I have tried a couple of combinations as well (Service User/Local user) etc as owner for the services.

Can anyone please provide some clarity around the users/service control to associate with the Qlik Services?



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Re: Qlik Sense user roles during installation

Hello Arun,

Please refer to the attached installation guide which should take you through the required users and the steps to install Qlik Sense:

Qlik Sense Quick Installation Guide

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Re: Qlik Sense user roles during installation

So you're running into an issue validating the service account entered? I'm assuming that you've double, triple, etc checked that it is correct. You can always opt to enter those credentials later. This will involve setting the account under Windows > Services.

On the majority of cases where I've seen issues here, the root cause is due to group or security policies in place in the environment. Upon initial installation you can use the work-around listed above. Now you may run into further issues when you want to upgrade. Moving from 2.0.x > 2.0.y does not require a re-validation of the credentials, but I've seen it required when moving from 2.0.x > 2.1.1.

If this is a temporary setup or an environment where you do not plan on doing a lot of customization in, then the work-around is sufficient. If it is an environment where uninstalling isn't an option, then I would suggest working with your network / security folks to pin down the group policy / security setting that's at play in your environment.

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Re: Qlik Sense user roles during installation


Are you using a Domain Account or Local Account for installation? If you are using a domain accound, you you should DOMAIN\ACCOUNT format for username, if you are using a local account, the format would be MACHINENAME\ACCOUNT.

Remember, we recommend that you create a separate account to run Qlik Services (eg. QlikService) and that account should have Administrator privileges.

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