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Qlik Sense vs Power BI


I am just posting to find out differences or advantages and disadavanges comparing qlik sense vs power BI.


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Qlik responded to the seemingly insatiable appetite for self-service data visualisation tools by releasing Qlik Sense. Qlik View on the other hand was seen as too difficult to use by some users – and so Qlik Sense came to be. It needs to be stressed that Qlik Sense is a very flexible and powerful BI platform. In real BI scenarios it is often necessary to go beyond the raw capability of the platform and extend it. Qlik Sense is actually one large set of extensions, and users can build their own if needed. The associative data engine also handles relationships between different data sources very well, and will suggest new data as a report or query is being formed. This encourages users to look at new and often unexpected relationships, which in turn can lead to new insights. Of course it provides all the data visualisation functionality that might be needed, and all the components on dashboard will adjust when one of them is changed. And since governance is now flavour of the month (after the free-for-all of the last few years), Qlik Sense provides ample mechanisms for the management and governance of the BI environment – and always has.

Microsoft Power BI

In talking about Microsoft Power BI I am aiming at a moving target. But one thing is clear – Microsoft sees a life for BI outside Excel – and about time too. It is also building a considerable portfolio of analytics technologies with its acquisition of Revolution Analytics (a commercial version of the open source R analytic platform), the development of its Azure Machine Learning platform, the acquisition of DataZen (the mobile analytics platform) – and now the release of Power BI Designer. This latter embraces most of the functionality of the pillars of Excel based analytics – PowerPivot for data modelling, PowerView to create data visualisations, Power Query for data manipulation and discovery and Q&A – the natural language query interface. In fact Microsoft has stated that the capability of Designer will be developed more rapidly than that of the Excel based tools. Designer is free to download – and it’s impressive. It isn’t a mature product, but many users will get from it what they want, and it already accesses an impressive list of data sources. The cloud component of Power BI can act as a repository for reports, dashboards and charts developed in Designer, and it is here where they can be shared with others, and also modified. It’s all shaping up to be quite an offering.



I would be very interested in receiving a copy of your QlikSense Vs Power BI document.

Many Thanks

Nick Todd


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can you please send me copy of your BI tools comparison document? My email is branko.kovac at tradecore.com.

Thanks much!

Branko Kovac

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Specialist III

Hi Nick

I need your email address. Either send to me or write as Branko has



It's neat at soton.ac.uk

Many thanks for this,


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Hi Kalyan,

Could you send me the comparison?, please.




Hello Robert,

Could you also send this BI report to me?

My adress is bojan.s.glisovic at google dot com

Thanks very much in advance!



Some big changes coming with the powerbi product from what I understand.

I would be keen to see the current analysis adam at daftsolutions dot co dot uk however I suspect it will need re-assessing in the early part of next year I think

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Hi everyone,

Due to the level of interest in this report, we've asked Robert to post it as a document within the community for everyone's convenience. It can now be found here: Qlik Sense vs Power BI, Tableau & QuickSight

We're locking this thread since it is mainly members asking for copies of the report, but feel free to discuss the topic in the document's comment section.


Qlik Community Team

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Hi to all!!!

Maybe the main difference is the quality and the number of partner in each Country. In Colombia are 3 Qlik partners with very high prices in comparison to the 25 Power Bi partners.

With more help and cheaper prices it´s easy to get things done