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I have practiced on the comprehensive developer tutorial shared in community as well on website.I have gone thru all the videos of Qlik Sense on Qlik Web site.

Request to share tutorial with sample files having some complex logic involving the scripting, functions and variables.



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Re: Qlik Sense


Thanks for the reply. I have already practiced on this tutorial..

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Re: Qlik Sense

Hi Suhas,

There is loads of content to look into in the community:

Qlik Sense Resource Library

Also if you would like to be good with the concepts of modeling, in-memory concepts and other complex aspects. please go thorough the articles written by hic.

Hope this helps!

- Sangram

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Re: Qlik Sense

Hello Suhas - thanks for your question and welcome to the Qlik Community.

Please take a look at:

in the New to Qlik Sense Videos - page

"Complex Logic" - is subjective - so we would need a bit more information on what it is you wish to achieve to point you to more specific areas.

Thank you Sangram and Blaraj - for your continued support and contribution.

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Mike Tarallo


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Re: Qlik Sense

Oh and you also might want to check out - Understanding the Master Calendar (video)