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Qlik Sesne Variable in charts

I am trying to find out how can I use a variable that could be used dynamically on the dashboards.  I found that there is a custom object under the extension category. can anyone help me with how can I use this control? or is there any other solution for using  user-defined dynamic(dashboard) variable to be used in the set analysis in dashboards

Attached is the snapshot of the control.



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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

You will have to select which variable that the Variable-extension should be connected to by selecting a pre-existing variable that you want to use. 

Then you can change the variable interactively and you can use the contents of the variable in any expression like this:


Sum( $(myVar) )


$(...) is called $-sign expansion and will take whatever is inside the variable myVar and replace it into the expression before the expression is evaluated/calculated.