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Qlik not resolving variable set with setStringValue

In our front end code, we set a variable using setStringValue like this:

     qlikApp.variable.setStringValue('exvBaseURL', 'https://somehost'/)

(Protocol and host)

The net result is that a link in one our qlik tables should redirect to a url of the form:


The entire url  is created in a formula in the app and looks like this:

Aggr('$(exvBaseURL)' & 'dashboard' & mycategory/*& '/mylandingpage')

(I'm typing this from memory, but it is a properly formatted url)

mycategory and mylandingpage are column names in our DB and are resolved correctly, but the variable, exvBaseURL, is not resolved, so the resulting link in the table only contains the path portion, but no protocol/host portion. At some point in the past, this actually worked and gave us a complete url, but I have been unable to track down where things are breaking. The front end code has not changed in 3 months, something must have broken in our qlik app. Anyone have any ideas how I can troubleshoot this?


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