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Qlik over other BI tools

Hi Qlik Community Members,

If we have to say that Qlik is the better over Tableau or over Looker. What are the features I have to say that would convince someone who is already using other BI tools to Qlik.

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Re: Qlik over other BI tools

This writeup focuses on Qlik Sense vs PowerBI, but there are also some Tableau comparisons:

Qlik Sense vs Power BI, Tableau & QuickSight

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Re: Qlik over other BI tools

Quicksight, Yikes!!  I checked that out, and it wasn't bad, but it didn't seem like it had any way to handle an associative model (multiple tables).  Maybe I didn't look hard enough but I wasn't terribly impressed.  The biggest advantage would be that if you already had data on AWS infrastructure, you could export it to Quicksight at a read rate far greater than at a remote location.


Re: Qlik over other BI tools

The QIX Engine, core of Qlik is unique. All others BI software works with relational model, but Qlik works with the associative model. It´s fast, in memory. Works with large distinct values on filter panels.  You can even do global search on all your fields.

But all of this is nothing, if it doesn´t met the customer requirements. Perhaps they only need a nice dashboard, so others tool can be usefull too.

Qlik is an excelent tool to freely explore your data. If this is the main requirement, Qlik is the best choice.

Kind Regards,


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