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Qlik sense Calculated Dimension wrong results if you Search the value in table

Hi All,

I have created a Calculated Dimension using if else statement below. It is used in the Table .The records shows correct.

But the problem is ,When User search on that Calculated column to filter the Category then it is giving incorrect results in the table.I mean specific category have 50 rows and when you export and see i can see 50 rows.Once user search on that category then it shows 30 records only . I can see extra filter getting applied for that category even though I dont have that condition in If else statement.

Category Calculated Column= if(PB='SV' and status='Sc' and wildmatch(pd,'*service*')>0,'Throt Category',
if(PB='SV' and status='Sc' and len(abc)>0 and wildmatch(pd,'*service*')=0,'Passed Category',

When user search the Category Throt Category then it is applying filters PB=SV,Status=SC , Pd 'Service and apart from these it is also filtering on abc and i dont have any condition for this column for my Throt Category. Since it is filtering on abc then results are coming incorrect. When I clear abc last flter then my results are correct. I dont know why it is filtering on abc since i dont have any condition for my throt category.

Can any one suggest ...is there any approach for solving this.



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Hi , can you explain the issue with screenshots.
If possible , try creating that calculating dimension at the back end.