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Qlik sense architecture


i want to know Qlik sense architecture and what QVD benefits ??

should i specifiy Qvd for each model like qvd file for finance and Qvd file for HR ?

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Re: Qlik sense architecture


take a look to this thread: QVD (QlikView Data File)

and see the attached pdf.

NB: the attached file refer to a QlikView environment but the reasoning is valid for both QlikView and QlikSense.

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Re: Qlik sense architecture

Hi Ibrahibra,

following way:

1.Try to create create qvd for extractor wise.

2. For processed or logic applied qvd  (2 tier)department and all.

3. Use this qvd in final app.


Arvind Patil


Re: Qlik sense architecture


Yes, it's recomanded to create 2 QVD files, if data for finance and HR isn't same or doesn't have same structure.

A QVD (QlikView Data) file is a file containing a table of data exported from Qlik Sense. QVD is a native Qlik format and can only be written to and read by Qlik Sense or QlikView. The file format is optimized for speed when reading data from a script but it is still very compact. Reading data from a QVD file is typically 10-100 times faster than reading from other data sources.

More about qvd: Working with QVD files ‒ Qlik Sense