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Qlik sense challenges

Hello Sense Guru's wherever you are, 

I have a dashboard created by tradional Qlikview which i would like to convert into Qlikview. I'm running into some technical challenges which makes the migration a bit difficult.

First a bit over architecture of the dashboard:

- set of KPIs aggregated of several dimensions and periods

- at any given moment only one period can be selected (periodId)

- at any given moment only one period interval (periodInterval) can be selected (day/week/month)

- a selection in period interval fires field trigger which select the default periodId

- It's possible to scroll back and forth through the period

- through dialog box it's also possible to browse to a period

- when document is open, document's onOpen trigger is fired which apply dynamic bookmark which select the default period per periodInterval selection

the challenges that i am facing:

- There is no "Always One Selected Value" in sense (only one selected periodInterval is allowed)

- There are no object/field/document triggers in sense (to enable default period selection)

- There is no conditional show in sense (to show/hide objected based on document selection state)

The real question is how to enable single period selection per periodInterval which allowing period navigation.


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Re: Qlik sense challenges

Hi Dror,

If i numerate your Questions:

1.: I'm not sure what specificly you want there but did u try the Dollar Sign Expression to make it happen?

2.: You can use qsVariable (available on Qlik Branch), where you could set default Values on your Variables, maybe you can set a default value there

3.: no clue sorry.



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