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Qlik sense data connection


This is a basic query on data connections created from qlik sense.

This is from a production support perspective. The only way to create a data connection is from an app, right? So I create a dummy app and use it only to create the folder data connection I need. Then, I go to QMC and edit the name to remove my userid from the data connection name (eg: data connection created is "connection1 (domain_employeeID)", I will edit it to connection1). Why is this done? If I remove my userid from the name, what happens?

I understand data connection is available only to the owner and we have to create security rule to share it. So if I don't delete my id from the data connection name, is there any problem?

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Re: Qlik sense data connection

Removing the ID (employeeID) from the connection name makes it to be neat. As far as I know it doesn't add any other technical value.

The availability of the data connection depends on the Security Rule applied on the data connections. If you have a group of developers, Qlik Administrator can create a security rule that allows the connection to be available to the developers and restrict consumers from accessing the connection. Developers need not to create different connections for the same source of data. Thus, connection name is not only available to the owner.

Hope this helps.