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Qlik sense desktop 3.1 sr3 keeps freezing and corrupting app


too often qlik sense desktop freezes, does not save app latest staus and when trying to reopen the app, it is corrupted.

always get the below in browser logs :

2016-12-30 09:51:07:021 Romance Standard Time [INFO] CEF Console - Keyboard shortcut group already exist: listbox  (Line 44 of http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/external/requirejs/require.js?1478781641535)

2016-12-30 09:52:51:637 Romance Standard Time [INFO] CEF Console - Web socket URL: ws:///app/  (Line 0 of )

2016-12-30 10:28:43:120 Romance Standard Time [INFO] CEF Console - Error from Engine:  (Line 28 of http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1478781641535)

2016-12-30 11:04:48:537 Romance Standard Time [INFO] CEF Console - TypeError: Cannot read property 'continuousAuto' of undefined

    at Object.isContinuousChart (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1478781641535:226:18927)

    at h.items.noContinuousSortingMessage.show (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1478781641535:240:12100)

    at o.function.Object.defineProperty.get (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1478781641535:89:12809)

    at fn (eval at <anonymous> (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/external/requirejs/require.js?1478781641535:46:29684), <anonymous>:4:76)

    at o.$digest (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/external/requirejs/require.js?1478781641535:45:11017)

    at o.$apply (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/external/requirejs/require.js?1478781641535:45:12682)

    at Object.q.$apply (http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1478781641535:13:26856)

    at http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/client/client.js??1478781641535:54:20194  (Line 44 of http://localhost:4848/resources/assets/external/requirejs/require.js?1478781641535)

event viewer will then show the below.

any clue how to prevent that and how to recover the app otherwise Qlik sense desktop is not longer usable until this gets fixed as it keeps loosing hours of efforts.

Unexpected termination (0) for process 0 Facility = Sense Browser ExePath = QlikSenseBrowser\QlikSenseBrowser.exe Script =


DOC loading: Exception while loading document C:\USERS\xxxx.QVF.

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Re: Qlik sense desktop 3.1 sr3 keeps freezing and corrupting app

Hello js cuche, did you get a resolution for this error ? I have also got the same issue where the app ends up being corruped and work has to be started from the beginning! Thanks.