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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik sense straight table measure color expression


talking about expressions, how can I refer the measure (column) itself into a color expression ?

In the above example, if "Sales" is a measure (let's say, "sum(sales_value)") what is the color expression used to alter background color ? Probably, "if(sum(sales_value)>100000,green(),white())". But if it is a more complex measure, could be possible refer itself with something like: "if([my_self]>100000,green(),white())" ?

I'm using Qlik Sense 1.0.2


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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Michael, I'm hoping that, other than measures and master items, color expression feature will be also extended to dimensions.



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It's possible to refer to itself with the column function. "If(Column(1)>10000,Green(),white())"

Column() returns the value found in the column corresponding to ColumnNo in a straight table, disregarding dimensions. For example Column(2) returns the value of the second measure column.


Contributor III
Contributor III

In my Qlik Sense 3.1 SR4 actually is possible to build the color expression by refer the label name of the straight table, but actually the check expression in the bottom don't recognize the name of the label and give you an error..

But the expression will work anyway..

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Also possible to build a new expression with reference to an existing expression label. Also gives you an error, but it will work.