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Qlik sense user access refresh issue.

Dear All,

               I am new in Qlik sense.

i have installed and configured a Qlik sense server with

1- Admin




When ever i try to access my hub from any system from any user there is issue in browser.

1-No Application loaded first time.

2-When i do refresh the address bar application load successfully.

Please see attachment for batter understanding

Thanks advance

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Re: Qlik sense user access refresh issue.

I am not really sure i understand the configuration reference in relation to the issue. What version of Qlik Sense are you using?

From the screenshots it appear like your HTTPS is not properly setup, could this be affecting the results you see? Try allowing HTTP and access the app over HTTP instead of HTTPS.


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Re: Qlik sense user access refresh issue.

Thanks Toni for your reply.

i am using Qlik Sense server 1.1 Version.

https and http also allow to access.

and one more important thing is this issue is not coming on some systems browsers

like Firfox 38.0.0

Chrome 44.0.0 Etc


Re: Qlik sense user access refresh issue.

Now I am a bit confused. Your screenshots show Chrome, but you are saying it is not an issue in Chrome?

It sounds like you have already narrowed the issue to be related to a specific browser.

What is specific with the browsers where it fails?

Do you have any extensions/plugins running in the browser?

Is the affected unit connected your network from an other access point than the devices where it works, for example wired connection vs wireless?

Are you using a proxy for your connection?

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Re: Qlik sense user access refresh issue.

Ok Toni Telling you something about the browsers.

its  Running on Chrome 44.0.0 version (Not on less version like 41.0.0 ,42.0.0,43.0.0)

its  Running on Firefox 38.0.0 version (Not Lesser versions )

Yes are using wireless connections.

Yes we all are using proxy for every system.