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QlikSense Date Variable Issue

Dear all,

I am storing a date into Variable vLMaxDate like      =date(addyears(max([Posting Date]),-1), 'DD/MM/YYYY')  when i view this variable i am getting wrong date result  16/jun/1900  actually it should  01/12/2016.

My date format is   DD/MM/YYYY  HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS AM/PM

Any idea what will be the issue ?


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Re: QlikSense Date Variable Issue

Check format for Posting Date

try this in vDT

=Max(date([Posting Date], 'DD/MM/YYYY'))


Re: QlikSense Date Variable Issue

This is perhaps a format issue. Try using parsing function like:

=date(addyears(max(Date#([Posting Date],'DD/MM/YYYY  HH:mmSmiley FrustratedS TT')),-1), 'DD/MM/YYYY')

Note: 'MM' (month) and 'mm' (minute) are different and that alone potentially can trouble you.

Edit: corrected a bracket

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