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QlikSense: Dev to Test to Prod


Does anyone have any suggestions / links re best practices a QlikSense Dev to Test to Prod development process ?

Many Thanks,     Bill

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Are these sync rules you refer to standard out the box Qlik Sense or part of In4BI's Platform Manager ?

I reckon standard out the box Qlik Sense but just wish to confirm.


They are part of the Qlik Sense product and not from In4BI's Platform Manager.

QMC --> left side panel --> sync rules at bottom.

Edit the rules for each node as necessary. Central dont have to dont anything, but other RIM nodes, you have to modify them to sync only apps that you need. Usually i have written a rule to sync only my work stream on DEV-RIM.

here is one sample rules not to copy monitoring stream and apps inside them.

((resource.stream.name!="Monitoring apps" or resource.name!="License Monitor" or resource.name!="Operations Monitor"))

Creator III
Creator III

Hello Jeroen!

As you and Martin know, I'm a big fan of Platform Manager. One feature that you didn't mention is Global Search. I use that all the time to find where our sensitive data lives.. We will look into using Platform Manager for Qlik Sense as well in the future when we have our long term Qlik licensing and architecture finalized. The process flow I attached is for those who don't have an idea of where to start when you don't have Platform Manager and you're developing in a production site.




Hi guys,

There is another tool, ebiexperts Version Manager (old QVScriptor) that store all QlikView and Sense scripts in the database repository.

You can issue a full text search in the database through the Qlik Legacy App, SQL or inside the app.

You have also all the publication history across servers so you can know which app version is deployed in any Qlik Server.

Hope this help JP

ebiexperts CTO
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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Phaneedra,

i agree with your approach. Do you have any guideline for this installation?

instead of this

Multi-node scenario: Production deployment allowing development ‒ Qlik Sense