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QlikSense: Direct Discovery issue


I am trying to use direct discovery in Qliksense 3.1.

I have created excel doc as datasource(32 bit system DSN). Connecting through ODBC.


LIB CONNECT TO 'Excel1 (qlik-sense_adminstrator)';

DIRECT QUERY dimension  Product

measure -----> This is not coming as keyword



FROM `C:\Users\admin_1\Sample\sales order1`.`'Sales Orders$'`;

Qliksense supports direct discovery. Still why this measure is not populating properly? Any idea ?



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Re: QlikSense: Direct Discovery issue

Hi khushboo,

I myself have only recently started using the Direct Discovery feature and am still facing some issues of my own (I actually came around yours while looking for documentation on mines).

I could only reproduce your scenario if I mistakenly added a comma to the last dimension. Using your example:

LIB CONNECT TO 'Excel1 (qlik-sense_adminstrator)';

DIRECT QUERY dimension  Product,

measure <------- Not recognized as a keyword, but as a fieldName to be discovered in the data source



FROM `C:\Users\admin_1\Sample\sales order1`.`'Sales Orders$'`;

Removing that trailing comma did the trick, but again If you can provide a more detailed explanation of your scenario I may be able to help you out

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