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QlikSense On Open Trigger alternative

As I understand the on open trigger functionality from View is not available in Sense.

Is there a workaround to achieve the following:

1) I've created a table, which has financial bookings.

2) Every booking has a date

3) I created a 'released' flag (0 or 1) in my Calendar, which indicates the booking is prior to release date. (not every financial booking available in the system is approved yet, and so should be 'hidden' from business users)

4) In View I placed an on open trigger which placed a filter on released =1, and locked the field. That way it was possible to see the not released bookings, but only after deliberately unlocking the field (which is something basic users dont understand/do ;-))

Curious at your answers.. Thanks in advance!

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Re: QlikSense On Open Trigger alternative

Maybe use Set Analysis in your viz expression to only show data where released =1.

And maybe have a second viz without the Set Analysis.

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Re: QlikSense On Open Trigger alternative

take a look at this extension:

Qlik Branch

Re: QlikSense On Open Trigger alternative

It can be useful that extension, but do note it will run its actions every time the sheet is opened - As opposed to once when the App is opened.


Re: QlikSense On Open Trigger alternative

That's is a good point. Nice extension, but I can't use it in most of my use cases. All the similar extensions that I've looked lack this same feature. It would be nice to have an option to set it for the session or per sheet.