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QlikSense Service Dispatcher not found


I am trying to configure Qlik Sense Server 2.0, when I add IP to  whitelist and Try to access the HUB (https://<IP>/hub) it gives me the following error
"Connection lost. Make sure the Qlik Sense is running properly. If your session has timed out due to inactivity, refresh to continue working."

But When I open the QMC using same IP (https://<IP>/QMC) it is working fine.

I tried using Whiteshark tool for packet tracing and it gave me the error of Qlikview Service Dispatcher not found.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Please see the attached screenshots for the reference of errors. In these screenshots QMC is working perfectly fine using the same as for HUB.

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Re: QlikSense Service Dispatcher not found

you got any solution for this..??