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QlikSense - Variables in load editor and measures

Dear all,

I'm having trouble with defining a variable and reuse it in sum & avg functions.

I tried this inside script editor and measures. both attempts not giving results.

My requirement is to calculate a ratio using given counters and then reuse this ratio to get the Zvalue (normalised values for ratio).

Under scrip editor I have defined below

set MOCSFR=100*(sum([MOC Call Drop])/sum([MOC Call Connected]));

set MOCSFR2 = if(sum([MOC Call Attempts]) > 0, ($(MOCSFR)),0);

set ZMOCSFR = (($(MOCSFR2)) - (avg(ALL $(MOCSFR2))) )/(stdev (ALL $(MOCSFR2)) );

I could recall $(MOCSFR) and &(MOCSFR2) in measures which gives calculated values.

However $(ZMOCSFR) does not return any value.

also below expression defined in measures also does not return any value.

sum(if(sum([MOC Call Connected]) > 0, $(MOCSFR),0))

Kindly assist.

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