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QlikSense desktop vs cloud vs enterprise?


Can someone give me a brief overview of the differences between QlikSense Desktop, Cloud, and Enterprise versions? Just the major advantages and disadvantages of each. I found other forums covering this topic but none that compared all 3.


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Re: QlikSense desktop vs cloud vs enterprise?

Desktop:       Suitable for a single user doing development / trialling of the software & it is free

Cloud:          Can share a dashboard with a small number of users but no automation of anything.  Free version and paid for versions give a bit more versatility.  I expect the cloud offerings will mature and improve over time.

Enterprise:     Fully multi-user, automated reloads, fine control over security roles & access.  No free version, you have to buy licence tokens

Summary:     For a professional robust secure set up one needs the Enterprise version.  But I found the Desktop version good for trialling / demoing the software before any budget was available.  The Cloud version was good for trialling / demoing qvf apps on my iPhone.

Desktop / Cloud could also be viable for a single person needing to do things on their own, or somebody wanting to learn QlikSense without spending any money.


Re: QlikSense desktop vs cloud vs enterprise?

Qlik Sense Desktop:

Can be downloaded and used for free. Sharing of the Qlik Sense qvf file (a.k.a. "App") is possible by passing the physical file to another user of Qlik Sense Desktop. This is a nice option when disconnected from your company's network but you still need to build an application.

Qlik Sense Cloud:

The two options available present day are: Qlik Sense Cloud Basic (free) and Qlik Sense Cloud Plus. Free limits # of users you can share your app with and file sizes, while Plus costs a nominal amount for unilimited users and larger file loads and app sizes. More details are available here and  here2 .

Qlik Sense Enterprise (a.k.a. Qlik Sense "Server"):

Is a client-server model that enables a department or entire organization to permit its employees to access Qlik applications using a web browser, tablet, or smartphone. This is centrally administered, contains capabilities to auto refresh Qlik apps, and much more. This is the most robust of the Qlik Sense offerings.


  • Kicking the tires on Qlik or want to use a free version for yourself, then download Qlik Sense Desktop (here).
  • Want a departmental solution to share your content with a group larger than 5 people, upgrade your Qlik Sense Cloud Basic account to Plus.
  • Interested in a robust data analytics platform to help promote centralized data governed apps and content, then consider purchasing Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Feel free to contact a Qlik sales associate for further details or comment and I can provide further guidance if you wish.