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QlikSense extension custom properties


I would like to setup custom properties for the extension. like the following. But I am unable to show the "Open Expression Editor"



I setup my properties in properties.js file. use in main java script file like the following

define(["jquery" , "./properties"],

  function ( $, props) {

  'use strict';   

  return {

  // New object properties

  initialProperties: {

  version: 1.01,    

  qHyperCubeDef: {

  qDimensions: [],

  qMeasures: [],

  qInterColumnSortOrder : [],

  qInitialDataFetch: [{

  qWidth: 5,

  qHeight: 2000




  // Property panel

   definition: props,


Attached is the properties file. Can anyone advise what did I do wrong?

Thanks a lot!